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The Ficus Elastica in Burma Proper→

“The units of which an artificial city is made up are always organized to form a tree. So that we get a really clear understanding of what this means, and shall better see its implications, let us define a tree once again. Whenever we have a tree structure, it means that within this structure no piece of any unit is ever connected to other units, except through the medium of that unit as a whole.”

from A City Is Not a Tree, Christopher Alexander
possible woods, umberto eco

possible woods, umberto eco

Dubstep lyrics→


“a house should be a public building”

Piet Blom

Truman Show Script→

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Marina Vishmidt on Rachel Reupke for Picture This

Marina Vishmidt on Rachel Reupke for Picture This


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Ed Atkins Irony→

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Shoplifters of the world unite- Slavoj Zizek→

Zygmunt Bauman characterised the riots as acts of ‘defective and disqualified consumers’: more than anything else, they were a manifestation of a consumerist desire violently enacted when unable to realise itself in the ‘proper’ way – by shopping. As such, they also contain a moment of genuine protest, in the form of an ironic response to consumerist ideology: ‘You call on us to consume while simultaneously depriving us of the means to do it properly – so here we are doing it the only way we can!’ The riots are a demonstration of the material force of ideology – so much, perhaps, for the ‘post-ideological society’. From a revolutionary point of view, the problem with the riots is not the violence as such, but the fact that the violence is not truly self-assertive. It is impotent rage and despair masked as a display of force; it is envy masked as triumphant carnival.

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Harper Seven Beckham

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All of this made it easy for July, at 16, to adopt a new name based on a story in a zine, by her high-school friend Johanna Fateman (who was later a co-founder of the band Le Tigre), about two buddies named Ida and July. She changed her name legally in her early 20s. “It was part of being self-authoring. And it was vanity. I wanted a name that I liked. July looked good on everything and seemed edible. But it’s a 15-year-old’s idea of a great name.

I asked Grossinger if he minded his daughter’s changing her name. “My kids are their own people. Their stories are their own.”
-Katrina Onstad

I think there’s something spiritual in a very day-to-day, mundane existence. It’s impossible to articulate, and it’s happening now, almost like a perverse secret… . That’s always sort of fascinating to me.
-Miranda July

Sincerity about banality!!! Films with cats as narrators!!!! Making up names!!

Miranda July Is Totally Not Kidding (via harharhar)

(via harharhar)

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Lazy Curating→

Pretentious exhibition title generator. Mine’s Relational Media: Defying Social Practice. What’s yours?

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